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Using professional 8K VR camera and 3D asset, we can create immersive 360º experience video tailored to your needs.

With an experienced team of 360º video editors, we can seamlessly stitch the video together, remove the tripod rig and any unnecessary item, add visual effects to make the video more immersive.

360º VR footage does not always have to be static, our experienced riggers can even rig the camera to a drone, a moving car and even underwater.

Here are some examples of 360º VR Production


With 360º video, viewers now have the option of looking anywhere around the 360º space instead of a traditional video.

Visual effects, 2D and 3D graphics, text and animation can also be added into the 360º video to make it more informative and immersive.


360º cameras like any other video cameras can be rig almost anywhere. Be it on a drone, underwater or a moving car.

The tricky part is to stabilise the footage as well as to remove the rig itself.


With 360º Videos, one way to make it immersive is to add the ability to interact with it.

By adding voice-overs, hotspots, graphics, pop-up videos and images, it will add another level of immersive-ness to the already amazing 360º Videos

Q&A, quiz and data analytics can also be programmed into the video for educational purpose. 

With Interactive 360º videos, we can combine into a standalone app, a web-based VR or export to most VR headset that is in the market.

3D 360º VIDEOS

Any 3D scene can also be rendered out in 360º videos and photos.


Since it is a digital scene, we can tweak the textures, lights and the models before rendering it out as a photorealistic 360º videos and photos.

Interactive features can also be added to 3D 360º videos.

8K 360 Live Streaming with real-time stitching

Record and live steam 8K videos to viewers worldwide with real-time stitching. 


Compatible with RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS protocol and most content deliver network (CDN) to support multiple con-current viewers with low latency.

Capable of simultaneously streaming to multiple devices such as desktop, mobile devices and VR headset.

Comes with rental of insta360 pro 2, 16-core ryzen pc with 2 x RTX 2080ti and portable 4G/5G Network Router.

Want to find out how you can use 360º VR videos to grow your business?

Contact us for a consultation

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