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Virtual Reality (VR) has actually been around for more than 40 years but it's in the recent years whereby it's more commonly used.

VR has also become so versatile that many industries starting using it.

Here are some examples of what VR can be used for.


With 360º VR videos, viewers could easily "travel" to another country without leaving the comfort of their own house. And with spatial audio technology, viewers would actually feel that they are in another location.


With Virtual Tour Walkthrough, viewers could easily scout the location before buying a property or renting a hotel room. 


Using VR as a form of training, viewers can scale high rise building or use tower crane without getting physically injured.


Also as a form of training, VR could be used to practice surgery procedure and to learn more about the human body.


Using 360º VR video with voice recognition technology, one could easily learn a new language anywhere and anytime by just using a laptop or mobile devices.


Using VR as a pop-out game booth, viewers can be teleported anywhere. You could be in a sci-fi space driving a robot, shooting guns in a range or racing a car.


Using professional 8K VR camera and 3D asset, we can create immersive 360º experience video tailored to your needs.

With an experienced team of 360º video editors, we can seamlessly stitch the video together, remove the tripod rig and any unnecessary item, add visual effects to make the video more immersive.

360º VR footage does not always have to be static, our experienced riggers can even rig the camera to a drone, a moving car and even underwater.

360º 8K Live Streaming with realtime stitching is also available. 


Realtor and F&B often use Virtual Tour to show prospect customer the venue physically having to come down.

Using super high-resolution 12K 360º footage and 3D asset, we can make any part of the Virtual Tour interactive.

Click here to learn more about Virtual Tour

Matterport Features also available


Using cutting-edge technology, we can create custom VR applications that suit your needs.

Our team of experienced VR developers can create VR applications for HTC, Oculus and web-based.



VR games booth is where you can be on another planet, fire a futuristic gun or even walking on a plank across high-rise buildings without any risk involved.

With room-scale VR, players can actually physically move around the virtual environment, touch and interact with objects, see your own hand and fingers.

A custom booth can also be created for branding purpose.

Want to find out how you can use VR to grow your business?

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