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Volumetric Filming or Volumetric Capture is a recently developed technique that uses multiples professional depth cameras to capture an object in point cloud data.

Data then can be converted and exported to many formats and easily supported through Unity and Unreal plugins.

Here are some examples of what Volumetric Filming can be used for.


With Volumetric filming, you can simply add photo-realistic avatars and NPCs to your scene without modelling, texturing and animating. 


With Volumetric Filming, users can now 'choose' which camera to view from. View from virtually limitless cameras angle and up to the viewers decision.


  • 10 - 20 professional depth cameras

  • 1 x Volumetric Platform

  • 2 x Operators

  • 6m by 6m Green Screen Studio Rental with lights and mics setup

  • Post-processing and cleanup

  • Convert to required format ( supports both Unity and Unreal

Also available

  • Talent sourcing

  • Wardrobe 

  • Hair and makeup

  • Art and scene setup

Volumetric Capture Filming

Want to find out how you can use Volumetric Filming for your business?

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